Learn How to Wear Leggings and Tights


As the cold season is already here, but we don’t want to stop wearing skirts and dresses because of this, since they are so feminine and cute, we are looking for solutions. The best one that comes to your support and helps keep you also healthy, but to look even chic at this time, is to wear tights. Or, even better, leggings. How? We show you!

How to Wear Simple Black Tights and Leggings

The tights and leggings are always in trend, they were especially in the wake of the ’90s, and have been re-affirmed for a few years. They are already a piece of everyone’s wardrobe.

But, precisely because they tend to become ultra-worn, we must take care not to fall into the wrong way by wearing them. A good example, in order to look sexy but gracefully anytime you wear tights, is to be found in the outfits of the stars.

Wear your pair of black tights in the day with a midi skirt or dress and a jacket on, or even with an oversized sweater (here you can even vary as you want – you have hundreds of possibilities). Complete the outfit with long boots or with combat boots.

Do the Same!  👉 Look at Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl: she chose a version of black lace-looking tights to pair with a midi skirt under a coat of the same length. She looks wonderful, as usual. Her outfit has something absolutely noble, aristocratic.

In 2014, Amal Clooney wore an elegant gray-and-black floral embroidered frock dress signed by Dolce & Gabbana with black look-alike leggings tights, a dark gray bag, and ankle boots. Doesn’t she look impeccably?

Don’t do like this! 👉 I don’t like at all how ordinary, simple leggings worn just like that look, as pants, without something longer over them. Besides, this style doesn’t look good at all if you’re a curvy woman. You shall look like a plastic mannequin over which has been thrown a cloth so as not be undressed. If you don’t have a perfect body, leggings worn just like pants simply point out all the flaws. Ee-ek!!

This time, do not follow the example of Kim Kardashian who wears tights and leggings as pants:

For an evening outfit, if you want to wear leggings or very thick tights, take the example of Sienna Miller and match them with a mini, even sparkling dress, if you have one!

Tights and Leggings for Pregnant Women

If you’re a future mom, you can enjoy the maternity by wearing tights and leggings, because they are extremely comfortable and can give you freedom to move as you want.

When you are pregnant, you still have a great variety of tights to choose from, in many colors, with high waist to support your tummy.

Leather Leggings That Look Like Pants

But if you’re a bold one, you can wear leggings made of (ecological) leather or latex-look tights! But be careful how and where you wear them!

Follow Rihanna’s or Victoria Beckham’s style. They do look veeery posh.

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