Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Face Mist SPF50 Spray (review)


I got the chance to try the Garnier Ambre Solaire Face Sensitive Face Mist SPF50 spray two summers ago and I liked it. I will tell you in this review what is my opinion about this product.

For me, especially since I had an acne treatment which supposed to stay away from UVA and UVB, sun protection has become very important. And mostly after I had a sunburn, just because I did not apply appropriate or sufficient sun protection. I know, shame on me! But it has to literally sting you well to start taking care seriously. 😀

How I discovered Garnier Ambre Solaire Advanced Sensitive Face Mist SPF50 and where you can find it today 

So… I started to pay more attention to sunscreen products and to choose something more qualitative, practical and easy to use, at a very good price-quality ratio. So I got the spray Garnier Ambre Solaire Advanced Sensitive Face Mist SPF50 for the first time, two years ago.

The idea of a small and light spray tube seemed so cool to me, especially because it was OK for every skin type, including sensitive skin, especially. Also, a big plus because it is a sunscreen protection product with a high SPF of 50. The price was very good, reasonable – it cost around 3 EUR then.

Well, I recently found this again at this online cosmetics store from UK.

So … if you like it, if you have ever used it and you really want it or want to try it, I think this is a chance because the product really deserves the appreciation.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Face Mist SPF50 spray for face - review_where you can find it now

You can order this here

This formula of sunscreen for sensitive skin, Garnier Ambre Solaire Advanced Sensitive, SPF 50+, is available also on the tube, but not as practical as the spray version which is… handier and for a lazy one. I do not know if it has the same effect as the spray, if they are like: it is clear that it is about a cream, so it is not the same application.

Why I like so much the sunscreen spray for face Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Face Mist SPF50

Besides the fact that it is more practical in this shape – as a spray, and easy to take with you in almost any bag, not just at the beach, Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Face Mist SPF50 is a marvelous face sunscreen product, being the option for sensitive skin issues also.

I took it out from the bag whenever I wanted to cool off in the summertime and also in order to protect myself from the sun’s harmful rays with a good SPF – SPF 50 level. This is something, so it was very useful and it also protected me a lot during the summer hot days, but still letting the opportunity for a great tan.

It did not overload my skin, nor dried it; though, at some point, it lets a whitish powder on your face texture. So…

… The only drawback is that, being actually a sunscreen product, it is not that transparent, as it boasts, so it leaves white marks, as a deodorant spray, powdery like talc. That means that,  immediately after applying it,  you can notice a white layer on your face; and I talk about the first layer only.

Well, yes, not too much should be applied. But still … I do not really like the way it sometimes sticks to some areas of my face. Especially because it boasts since the name that it is a face mist. However, I expect from such a product to be light and refreshing as a thermal, to not be noticed that I had applied it.

But I overlooked this fact quickly because the spray takes care of my skin, it moisturizes and protects,  it does not dry any area. Also, it’s like I’d cool off every time I spray it over my face, because it has the role of a mist, being in light texture, non-greasy, yet moisturizing.

Its formula contains antioxidant complex Baїcaline ™ and vitamin E to protect against pollution. The content of 6% vegetable glycerin provides moisture for 24 hours. Wow! 😀

sunscreen spray for face Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Face Mist SPF50 - review

You can order this here

As for texture, light as it is, it is absorbed easily and quickly into the skin, without noticing that you have applied anything – that’s not a greasy formula and, although you almost feel it dusty,  it makes your skin feel well and fine, even satin-like, pearly.

Getting through the whitey part, I especially adore this product because it works perfectly as a basis, applied before makeup, as well as over makeup. It does not remove makeup, adhering to the skin and over makeup. However, it is protecting against the harmful rays UVA / UVB with an SPF 50, for long, during a day.

This spray for the face with SPF 50 from Garnier instantly protects skin against sunburn and other long-term adverse effects, including premature aging.

sunprotection spray for face Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Face Mist SPF50 - review cu foto și unde îl găsești acum

You can order this here

The product should be reapplied after swimming, sweating or after you wash/wipe your face. Apply it, however, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Shake well.
  2. Close your eyes and lips.
  3. You spray a uniform and generous amount over the face, in a horizontal direction, from a minimum distance of 15 cm.

Some conclusions after using the spray for sun protection Garnier Ambre Solaire  Sensitive Advanced Face Mist SPF50

All the things underlined above and the product quality make from the sun protection spray Garnier Ambre Solaire Advanced Sensitive Face Mist SPF50 a favorite in terms of all products I have ever used before strictly for sunscreen.

Together with a tinted cream fluid foundation like Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch 50+, this spray for face is a great ally on the beach or when you leave the house in the summer, in order to protect your skin against the harmful UVA/UVB rays.

I like this spray mostly because it is practical and it can be applied over makeup. For me, this kind of products that allow the application over makeup are the most useful and practical.



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