Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur Lipstick (review)


I received the Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur lipstick and I want to tell you some things about this “classic” but still modern lipstick.

For some months, I’ve started to use premium, even luxury makeup products. With some of them I am super pleased, but others I can say that they did not impress me that much.

Well, last year I received a gift: a lipstick pencil from Chanel. And I decided to tell you something about him.

I am not at my first interactions with Chanel makeup products. I also used a Chanel eyeshadow at some point…

My First Impressions about the Chanel Le Rouge Pencil Crayon de Couleur – the basic version

Now I saw that Chanel’s Le Rouge, in the pencil version, comes in several variants, including matte. I think I have a more original, classic version, I might say. And yes, given the first attempts, all Chanel products look like this: classic, simple, with nothing out of the ordinary. Just like the Chanel brand in general.

The first try of this variant of lipstick pictured instantly to me a mature woman lipstick. But what has also contributed a lot to this fact was… the lipstick color: a chocolate brown – No. 19 – Au Naturel. It’s a classy, ​​Chanel specific.

I admit that it didn’t impress me much when I received it and I tested it for the first time. I thought: just a Chanel, a bit classic lipstick, in a more lady color… it doesn’t come very close to what I like to wear on the lips: glosses, nude to rose blush lipsticks. Although I must admit, the hue is closer to a darker nude, which is why they named it “Au Naturel”.

But ignoring the color and brand, I must tell you that it is a creamy lipstick as I like. I use a lot of creamy lipsticks, usually, and this is also quite greasy. It also has a bit of a shiny effect, even with small glitter, but it looks good on this side.

I must admit that the texture of the Chanel pencil lipstick, especially on the lips, is perfect: it does not gather, it does not crease, it does not tighten badly on the lip line. The glossy appearance and creamy texture surprised me. Not to mention the moisturizing it gives to my lips for a long time. For these aspects, I also get over the color of lipstick, not of my all-time favorites.

But it works in winter, honestly, when the lips dry out much easier.

I can say here that, although it did not amaze me at first sight, after a few attempts it turned out that the Chanel Le Rouge pencil lipstick is quite fine and suited to my lips, especially in the cold season.

And I also got used to the hue, especially as the subtones are approaching some darker nudes. I don’t look so elder using it and the lips are not that brown. On the contrary, it looks rather like a hue of chocolate.

ruj creion Chanel Le Rouge Colored Pencil review_nuanța no.19_Au Naturel

What variations and colors can you find for the Chanel Le Rouge pencil lipstick?

I never found online, not even other offline stores, this basic version. But instead, I discovered Chanel Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur Mat with a mattifying effect – which I think it’s the latest. I see that it has some more vivid shades, besides a nude, classic. This variant looks like a much upgraded version of my Chanel Le Rouge lipstick. It’s just that, being mattifying, it’s not that creamy. And that doesn’t really help me, personally …

However, I read that this matte version is pretty good too – it’s not like an ordinary matte lipstick, not glossy at all. It has a rather satin texture. And it is also durable for a long time. Hmmm, wow! This matters enormously. Not that the version I have is not resistant. It really lasts long and it also has quite a strong pigment.

lipstick Chanel Le Rouge_review pencil and swatch reviews

How practical is the Chanel Le Crayon Lipstick?

I do not know why, but I am not such a big fan of lipsticks in this pencil shape. This one I think is the second one I have in my whole collection of makeup for lips.

But I must confess that all is much easier with such a pencil: it is very practical, it fits almost anywhere, it has a lot of precision in application. And everything is faster with its help. And there is no need to re-apply: for half a day, a simple application is sufficient, the pigmentation is perfect. One layer and the lips seem to transform!

The pencil is practical, useful and it just slips on the lips. Bright, comfortable to wear, with above-average lasting quality and perfect application from the first, I would say that it is also economical as a pencil version: simply apply just what you need for the moment. I think it will last for a few good months, even if I use it daily.

lipstick pencil Chanel Le Rouge Pencil de Couleur_ as I thought

Being even thinner than an ordinary lipstick, it is even easier to apply than you would expect. It fits in wherever you want to store it or whatever the bag you want to place it in.

Conclusions on Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur

Although it didn’t amaze me that much, even if it is a Chanel, now I would say that this Chanel lipstick is very good and resistant. I like what it does on my lips, it moisturizes them perfectly, without giving up the color.

It has an oily texture – more than any creamy lipstick that I’m used to, without giving up the glossy and even glittery part. In addition, despite the creamy appearance on the lips, it resists very well and does not crease.

Now I really like it and I got used to the brown hue, which, however, they called it “Au naturel”. But it is not a nude, despite the name. Which, btw, I usually like.

For the sake of accuracy, the fact that it is practical and that it moisturizes the lips well, plus that it resists quite well, even when it comes to color, I would choose it again, maybe in a different shade.

It works well in winter and in the transitional seasons.

Have you tried this Chanel lipstick? Let me know your opinion about it, in the comment section, on the bottom of the page. It matters a lot to me.

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