You have to go out from the Cocoon in order to be Butterfly


Do you know those fairy tales with the ugly duckling, becoming a swan, with the ruthless horse becoming a ferocious stallion and all the other enchanting metamorphoses that we got used to since childhood when we put our heads on the pillow in order to sleep well and forget about the monsters?

The idea is that we still keep them consciously with ourselves till the end of childhood, then we forget about them, we stop on the half of our metamorphosis (or a bit later) and we forget about working on the change in ourselves. We let only our physical part to act, to evolve. Moreover, in some cases, the directions get reversed: nice creatures start uglifying, hating, they start becoming monsters instead and they begin scaring the others, in their turn.

You have to make a move, in order to overcome your condition. „Motion is emotion”. Motion is change. Change is freedom. Changes scare you more than any monster, but they make you happen.
But in order to be a butterfly, you have to go out from your cocoon, you have to overcome your larval existence.
The remaining exuviae are just the traces of the act of leaving the comfort zone, of the adult who defeated the monsters of maturity. And who fights with some new ones. Of a fear of the unknown. Of the failure. Of the period (.). Of stillness.
But failure cannot come from movement, but from inertia, from claustration and grip. And failure is necessary in order to speak about movement. Even the sonority of the word success indicates the mobility, the ascension. And in the back of successes, how many battles and flounders, how many scars, how many exuviae! For only one wing beating. Crazy. But beautiful. Free. INstinctual. INherent.

Otherwise, the cocoon dries still having the larva closed inside of it. The duckling remains sad, lost from its flock, on marshy waters. Cinderella forgets her lost shoe while she wipes the dust of dreams from her shoulders. And the ruthless horse waits for his final itself with its last powers. Cause, isn’t it, life is not made up of stories. But stories are created by people. Just like life.

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