Bombshell Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret: Podcast episode #2


I’ve tested a lot of perfumes, some of the well-known brands, others of Avon or Oriflame, but few remained so close to my soul like… Bombshell from Victoria’s Secret.

I first bought it from Lisbon airport, in 2013, from Victoria’s Secret store itself. I admit that it was hard for me to choose, because there were quite a lot of nice fragrances of this brand in that store, with enchanting aromas. Also, there were other amazing cosmetics in that store: body lotions, makeup, hand creams, and so on. All smelling so good.

That’s how I discovered Victoria’s Secret cosmetics and fragrances, which I consider, mostly, stronger than other fragrances with important labels of big fashion houses.

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell eau de parfum convinced me because of the mix of floral and fruity elements, without being sweet, as it is usually the case with such mixtures.

It reminds me of a former perfume of Avon, which I had when I was a teenager, whose name I don’t remember right now, but I know that it absolutely amazed me and, unfortunately, it is no longer manufactured. But this is much cooler.

So, to prove this, let me mention the notes of this perfume:

  • Top notes: mandarin, pineapple, strawberries,  maracuja, grepfruit
  • Middle notes: berries, lily-of-the-valley, orchid, jasmin, peony 
  • Base notes: musk, wood, moss

Well, I don’t know if you realize what fragrance it is at this moment, but I invite you to try this Victoria’s Secret perfume on your first occasion. Or any other perfume bearing Victoria’s Secret signature. It will convince you on the spot.

Also, I read only extremely good reviews about it. But, as for me, as I told you, it has just convinced me right away, in their store, when I smelled it.

But what surprised me a lot from all the information I read was to find out, not from a few people, that Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume is also a very good repellent against… mosquitoes. Wooow, cool in the summer!

So this is something that also makes Bombshell the most suitable fragrance during summer, and not only because of the very fresh and fruity summerish aroma.

I had a bit of a problem when, almost at the end of the bottle, I couldn’t find it in my country at that moment, to buy it again, as, of course, I wanted more of it. It is a favorite, for sure, so, yep, more for me of this Bombshell. As many as possible. :))

However, I came across them on the internet, in several online stores. First, in Romania, my homeplace, I just found only Victoria’s Secret cosmetics and body sprays, not perfumes in the true sense of the word, unfortunately. I found some Victoria’s Secret body sprays, also adorable like the fragrances.

But now, this amazing fragrance and others also, of this brand, are available in Romania and, moreover, now we have Victoria’s Secret proper store in Bucharest. Whatever… anyway

Back to Bombshell… the scent is very persistent. More than once I was asked „what perfume do I wear”, because it has a very interesting aroma. This question came up many times in the evening, and, in those days, I have to mention that I sprayed the fragrance on myself in the morning or at noon.  Whoop-whooop! So, yees, it is persistent during an entire day.

This name Bombshell sounds somehow a bit too… seductive: but that’s not the reason that made me buy it – in fact, it really bothered me a little at first and I didn’t quite understand its purpose, but I realized along the way that, being a very strong perfume, liked by most and really very attractive, somehow now I think the name is quite appropriate. 

Also, that candy pink, fuchsia of the bottle is specific to the brand, and in this Bombshell collection, you can discover not only perfumes and cosmetics but also luxury underwear, for which this brand is already famous worldwide. And the packaging of the Bombshell perfume is quite cute and very sexy, feminine, with a delicate black bow and the VS emblem on the spray area of the bottle.

Its price was good, the usual one for a good perfume – I am talking about the eau de parfum version. As it is from a brand like Victoria’s Secret. Also, I have to consider that I took the 100 ml version, a large bottle…

There were also other variants: smaller, 50 ml, and of 30 ml + variants such as body spray with shiny particles, but also the body spray variant for travel. They also have Bombshell body lotion and shower gel and a set that you can also buy as a gift package.

But these are usually and mostly available in the official Victoria’s Secret stores. 

Well, if you have the opportunity to buy a unique perfume from Victoria’s Secret, I want you to know that this Bombshell is worth every penny. I also have the same advice for their wonderful cosmetics and body sprays. They are a dream, preferred by almost all women.

Then, in the meantime, they released other variants of this Bombshell perfume, some being, probably, in a limited edition: I am talking about Bombshell Seduction and Bombshell Intense… I smelled both and they are sooo soooo cute too! 

Start being a Bombshell… addict! You will love its notes!

My Romanian review of Bombshell is here.

Did you try this Bombshell Perfume from Victoria’s Secret, the initial one? Let me know your opinion about it in the comment section below! It means a lot to us. 😉


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